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Tips menguasai desa dengan Chief

A guide to Conquoring
by teletubbies on Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:57 pm

Ok this is only what i do and have worked out from my time at playing this game,, Others may have other ideas or even better ideas if so please tell…

For the benifit of the guide we shall use teutons and chiefs ..The only difference being Romans lower slightly more loyalty and gauls are slightly faster, but chiefs is quicker to write than chieftans or senators.. sooo..

Chiefs are by far the best unit in the game, used correctly they take from your enermy and give to you. Also to cataplut a village takes many attacks where as you can chief a village in 3-4 attacks…
Which village is good to conquor is of personal choice and the amount of pop is usualy what makes it if a village is conquorable or not .. A lower pop 15 crop is sometimes better than a high pop 6444 , as crop doesnt give much pop..

The cost of chiefs is expensive what with the fact you have to build a resdience/palace up an acdamey to lvl 20, research the bugger and than actualy build him. So its best to try and build 2 chiefs in a village as onlt 1 chief is a waste….

Chiefs work on the same principle as settlers , you need an expansion slot in order to make a new village well the same is for chiefs (but chiefs have to be researched first)

You also need culture points to conquor , without the CP the chief will just walkup to the village take a piss against the wall and if your lucky come home.

To run 3 chiefs together… Now to run 3 chiefs together is the best kickarse tool in the game , to run it with your offence army is even better… To do this is expensive but shall now explain how…

At first as normal build a residence to lvl 10 build settlers and found new village do this as normal..

Now the one you have decided is your offence village is going to want a palace in, so after you have made your captial village , destroy palace in there, destroy the residence in off village.. Now build up palace in offence village… In the mean time in a different village rather than carring on founding a village out of a lvl 10 residence each time .. build a lvl 20 residence and found a village out of that, this will leave a village with no villages founded out of it , Use this village to make another 2 chiefs…. Now with one of these chiefs you have to go and reconquor the village you founded out of your offence village many moons ago thus freeing up your slots in your palace in the offence village.. To find out which one it is press on palace and then extensions and it will tell you (warning) walls researches troops and all upgrades will be lost in the reconquored village , so idealy dont ever make anything in it until reconquored…. Now you are able to make 3 chiefs , now you must never actualy use these chiefs to actualy conquor the village ,you send these chaps in first to lower the loyalty and you use another chief you have about to be the last one to hit and get the final conquor…. or you just reconquor later same way as before…

You can never ever ever have enough chiefs .Often conquored villages will have a slot already used up by the old owner catapult this village or conquor it and there you go 2 slots in your new village….

The amount of loyalty lowered by a chief is slightly random but is about 20% per chief and a great party adds another 5%… but ….

It the player is bigger than you (thats total pop not just village size) a chief will take off more loyalty so 4-5 chiefs is usualy enough

If they are the same size to a bit smaller than you 5-6 chiefs is usualy enough

If they are alot smaller than you (by alot you have 25 villages they have 2-3) 5-6 chiefs is usualy enough but have seen it take 7 before

There is a randomness in the amount of loyalty taken off and no 2 chiefs will take off the same amount so better to send to many than not enough…

Right when you have found your lovely juicy target you will want to take it in one round of attacks .. DONT go back unless they really close if the first attempt fails or they inactive…

First of all you will want to know if they have a palace or residence so you send some scouts along to look or you could just go in blind if you dont want to alert them.

So you will want to send in the first strike your offence army rams and 1 cata this will sweep defence away, this followed VERY closely by enough catas to destroy the palace/residence or both if you havent scouted and those 3 chiefs you have plus a little escort of 50 axes, this should then be followed by another 2 chiefs and 50 clubs from a different village .. and if needed anther 1-2 chiefs again with an escort .. DO NOT send chiefs without a little escort, they will die …

So after you 3-4 attacks have hit you have 1 new village, dont forget to hide what your doing with fakes and other mischief. Rams are the same speed as chiefs so if you fake with rams they wont know where you are chiefing , or if you work with others who all have a few chiefs with the offence army you can hide the chiefs behind catas.

So there you go , think that should make some sense to you all… and will answer all the questions hopefully i havent missed anything out.

and remember boys and girls
Have Chiefs will travel.



1.Harus mempunyai banyak chief/tain/senator yg dapat menyerang pada desa yg mau di ambil alih (alias conquer) dalam waktu singkat (hitungan dalam per sekian detik)

2. Minimal memerlukan “kunjungan” oleh se buah chief 5-7 kali utk menurunkan loyalitas sebuah desa. Jd kl sekali kirim 5 chief ya satu kunjungan sudah langsung take-over. Harus cepat supaya tidak dapat 1. reinforcement 2. produksi loyalitas kembali.

3. Pertanyaan yg kita harus tanya? Apa yg “memproduksi” loyalitas?
Bangunan Istana/Kastil!

4. Jd kirim chief dgn catapult yg menhancurkan kastil/istana.

5. Pada saat bersama-am di semua desa desa kita harus merayakan pesta utk meningkatkan effectivitas para chief.

6. Pada saat loyalitas >20% kl gak salah, desa jd milik kita, expansion slot desa kita habis 1, chief tsb hilang dan tentara yg menemani chief nyantai di desa baru (sebagai bala bantuan kl gak salah)

Di post atas ada startegi yg agak ruwet.
Maksudnya supaya kita bisa mempunyai 3 chief dari satu desa. [Expansion slot adalah utk membangun desa baru; kastil – 2 desa, istana – desa)

Rata-rata desa-desa kita expansion slot utk membuat desa baru kan tinggal 1 pada lvl 20 kastil.

Maksudnya dia, expand ke desa baru. Dari desa baru tsb, membangun istana dan bangunlah 3 chief only tidak ada settler. yg penting JANGAN MENGUNAKAN 3 CHIEF TSB UTK MENGAMBIL DESA
Kita tidak akan pernah membuat desa baru dgn 3 chief tsb.


Kita mau conquer desa “mangsa”. Kita memerlukan 7 kali kunjungan utk menurunkan loyalitas desa “mangsa” s/d 0%. Kita sendiri memiliki 6 chief. 3 dari desa 1, 1 dari desa 2, 1 dari desa 3, 1 dar desa 4

1.Clearing wave
2.Cata Wave – hancurkan BANGUNAN UTAMA (supaya tak dapat bangun kastil/istana kembali)
3. Cata Wave + 3 chiefs dari desa 1- hancurnkan kastil/istana
4. troops + chief dari desa 2
5. troops + chief dari desa 3
6. troops + chief dari desa 4 <—desa 4 yg expansion slotnya termakan satu; desa ‘contoh’ di perluas dari desa 4. chief itu hilang dan troops yg menemani chief dari desa 4 nyantai di desa ‘contoh’ alias desa 5 kita.

Jd Hanya gunakan para 3 chief dari desa 1 utk menurukan loyalitas sahaja.

March 5, 2009 - Posted by | Hints


  1. ad cheat gx sich buat travian?

    Comment by Rachmat hidayat | March 6, 2009

  2. khakhakha….
    ga ada, bro.
    yang ada cuman hints, tips dan trik.

    Comment by mytrav | March 6, 2009

  3. oooo gitu tho.
    Tapi bingung juga masihan. Hhahahahhaha
    Minimal punya desa 4 biar lebih efektif yah.
    Kalo kastil 2 expansion slot khan? Lvl 10 ama 20
    Mending buat chief yg 3 itu di desa yg ada istana yah?

    Comment by TB3 | March 13, 2009

  4. gw ga tau juga bro, ini kan copy paste… gw belum nyobain sendiri…:D

    Comment by mytrav | March 13, 2009

  5. perlu pencerahan nih, pas aye cek, banyak desa2 dgn pop 0, kayaknya tu desa yg sudah diluluh lantakkan tp yg nyerang ogah menguasai. betul ga?

    pertanyaan kedua, bisa ga tu desa kosong kita kuasai hanya dengan CHIEF dan troop secukupnya, tanpa perlu SETTLER?

    kan kalo bisa lumayan tuh, bisa hemat resos krn ga bikin settler

    Comment by afifah server 1 | March 30, 2009

  6. 1. ya….
    2. ga bisa tuh… desa kosong harus dengan settler..

    Comment by mytrav | March 30, 2009

  7. gw pake teuton, bisa gak menguasai desa romawi???

    gw udah serang tu desa pake chief 8x, tp kok gak pindah2 juga ya??

    pdhl nilai budaya udah cukup banget

    knp ya?????

    Comment by viez | April 3, 2009

  8. gimana ya tau nilai budaya desa yg mo dikuasai itu turun?

    Comment by angklung | April 5, 2009

  9. perlu pencerahan nih, pas aye cek, banyak desa2 dgn pop 0, kayaknya tu desa yg sudah diluluh lantakkan tp yg nyerang ogah menguasai. betul ga?

    pertanyaan kedua, bisa ga tu desa kosong (MAKSUDNYA DESA DENGAN POP NOL, karena dibumi hanguskan, bukan desa tak bertuan) kita kuasai hanya dengan CHIEF dan troop secukupnya, tanpa perlu SETTLER?

    kan kalo bisa lumayan tuh, bisa hemat resos krn ga bikin settler

    Comment by afifah server 1 | April 8, 2009

  10. Trimakasi sekali. Info ny sangat membantu krn gw bru d travian.. Yg gw heran knp pada suka perang dgn desa tetangga.. Pada hal musuh sbnarny kn bangsa natar.. Dan yg jadi pemenang kn yg bisa bangun keajaiban dunia duluan.. Server 1 ud d acak2 natar tu.. Hehehe

    Comment by Icus | May 9, 2009

  11. aq mo nanya nih kk., pas aq bikin chief n’ bntar dah mo jadi tuh chief,, tp malah ga ada tuh chief nya.. itu knp ya kk..??

    padahal dah nabung sda buat bikin tuh chief,, tp malah ilang,, swt..

    ada yg tau ga kk knp yaa…???

    tq.. ~_~

    Comment by Allun™ | May 14, 2009

  12. love u all

    Comment by seven sins | September 13, 2009

  13. love u chieftain . .

    Comment by seven sins | September 29, 2009

  14. Bhasa inggrisnya kacau. hehehe :p
    Maap hehe

    Comment by Sega | October 6, 2009

  15. hahahahahaha

    Comment by pb nasional rijal | April 7, 2012

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